Kaija Saariaho: Offrande  (vc, orgel)
Chiristian Wolff:  Peace March   (snare drum)
Toshio Hosokawa: Duo (1999)   (viool, cello)
Thierry Escaich:  Ground II    (perc, orgel (2007))
Rutger Muller:  Imperfect Garden (vl, vc, fl, perc, elektronica)
Paul Pankert:  Wasser   (fl-bfl, orgel, elektronica)

Marcel Verheggen, orgel
Aaron Wohlharn, fluit
Paul Pankert, viool, live-elektronica
Eline Hensels, cello
Jan van den Boomen, percussion
Gregor Pankert, Rutger Muller, live-elektronica

When we think of "Exodus", we spontaneously think of words such as flight, homeland, danger, sacrifice, war....... Inspired by these concepts, Ensemble88 presents a very various programme in which powerful works in combination with the organ alternate with silent, almost subtle compositions.

Besides works by the well-known composers Kaija Saariaho, Christian Wolff, Toshio Hosokawa and Thierry Escaich, the programme also includes a new composition by the young Maastricht composer Rutger Muller, who is known for his electro-acoustic, almost meditative sounds.

The composition Wasser by Paul Pankert came about as a result of the flood disaster in July 2021 in his native region of East Belgium, where there were many deaths and many people had to flee from their homes.


Feb 25 2023


20:15 - 21:15


Orgelpark Amsterdam
Gerard Brandtstraat 26 1054 JK Amsterdam


Orgelpark Amsterdam

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