Flow, my Tears

Old and new music to the famous song by John Dowland.

Salle Académique de l’Université de Liège
Place du Vingt Août 7, Luik

Paul Pankert (*1965)                          Pavane (blokfluit & live-electronics)
John Dowland  (1553 – 1626):           Flow, my tears (sopraan en klavecimbel)
Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583 – 1643): Il secondo libro di Toccate: Toccata Prima (klavecimbel)

Paul Pankert                                       Toccata (klavecimbel & live-elektronica)
Jacob van Eyck (1590 – 1657):          Pavane lachrymae (blokfluit)
Hans Kockelmans (*1956)                  Flow, my tears  (sopraan & elektronica)

Els Crommen, sopraan
Claire Lecoq, klavecimbel
Tomma Wessel, blokfluit
Hans Kockelmans, Univox
Paul Pankert, elektronica
Centre Henri Pousseur, Gilles Doneux, live electronics

The programme Flow, my tears is built around the song of the same name by John Dowland (1533-1626), a song that has been very popular throughout the centuries and has been used by various other composers as inspiration for new works. A new member of this family is growing again. The Limburg composer Hans Kockelmans has created a work for speaking voice and electronics, which received its premiere in Festival Vocallis. In this series of performances, the composer himself plays the Univox, a historical instrument from the early years of electronic music. In a sense, therefore, he is engaged in the historical performance practice of contemporary music. The electronics are provided by the Centre Henri Pousseur from Liège.

The programme presents 17th century music alongside contemporary music. A visual equivalent will be linked to it in the form of photographic double portraits by the Liège artist Sophie Langohr. She places photos of 17th century apostle statues from the parish church of Eupen next to contemporary portraits.

Central to the concert is the song Flow, my Tears by John Dowland and the premiere of the composition of the same name by Limburg composer Hans Kockelmans. The programme is completed by the Pavane Lacryme for recorder by Jacob van Eyck and the Toccata Prima for harpsichord by Girolamo Frescobaldi, as well as their contemporary counterparts with live electronics by Paul Pankert.

With this project, the musicians of Ensemble88 and the Eupense KL-EX (Klangexperimente) want to break a lance for contemporary music and, together with Centre Henri Pousseur from Liège and Musica Impulscentrum for Music from Pelt (B), appeal to a broad and varied audience.

To this end, Musica has developed a participatory project in which the listener himself goes in search of his own sound of tears. Tears of happiness, of emotion, (love) sorrow, joy, pain....
In an intimate chat box everyone can leave sounds of tears, but there will also be musical material to express everyone's feelings. A musician/artist will be present to provide inspiration.
All these collected sounds and noises form the starting point for artist Pak Yan Lau for a sound installation that will visit several places and will be festively presented at the abbey site of Herkenrode (near Hasselt, B) under the name "Sound of Tears". Concertgoers are invited to help build this traveling sound installation. “Sound of Tears”Concertgoers are invited to help build this travelling sound installation.

Salle Académique: http://midiliege.be/informations/

Flow My Tears


3 March 2022




Salle académique de l'Université de Liège
Place du Vingt Août 7, Liège

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