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Cultura Nova

We do not necessarily have to fill an entire football stadium, we do not have to set up a field lab and we are not a Eurovision song contest. Actually, we are quite satisfied with a handful of visitors to our concerts. When there are suddenly hundreds of them, we wonder if we might have done something wrong….

So when Festival Cultura Nova asked us whether we could bring something small-scale that could hold its own even in times of major restrictions, it was clear to us as 1 plus 1: we are going to bring a number of solo works that are of course very much worth listening to and that can stand out well even in a minimal setting. Voilà our programme with solo works for violin, clarinet, piano or percussion. Some works are accompanied by live electronics, so it will be a varied programme.

Then we will finally have the chance to repeat the work that Branka Popovic wrote for Festval Musica Sacra, as we had promised her.

And because we have some catching up to do, we'll also consider this our New Year's Concert 2021 and our Friends' Concert. We'll make it an enjoyable affair after all.

We divide you, the audience, over two rooms and play everything twice so that Jaap van Dissel and Hugo de Jonge will also be satisfied.
Further details will follow.

1 + 1

Concert A

Gergely Vajda            Lightshadow-trembling voor klarinet
Branka Popovic         One / Jedan voor viool & live-elektronica
Paul Pankert              connected III  voor klarinet & live-elektronica

Concert B

Steve Reich               Clapping Music  voor slagwerk
Christian Wolff         Exercise 27 – Peace March voor snare drum
Thomas Larcher       Smart Dust  voor piano
Philip Glass              1 + 1 for 1 Player & Amplified Table Top voor tafel

Johan Naus, clarinet
Paul Pankert, violin
Jan van den Boomen, percussion
Wouter Bergenhuizen, piano

Gregor Pankert, live-electronics


Jul 02 2021


20:00 - 21:00




Cultura Nova

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